• HDCT Frequently asked questions. Q:  Why should I read all of this FAQ section carefully? A:  With most drug regimens your doctor is the expert and has quick access to the medical indications and contraindications as well as dosing and safety precautions for the particular medicine they are prescribing.  This is usually not the case with High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy (HDCT) even if your recommending ... Read Full Article
  • The Limits of High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy (HDCT) High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy (HDCT) cannot be tolerated without allowing the body to adjust through repeated exposure to the active compounds.  Developed tolerance is especially required for the quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) used daily by an individual at the full dose levels of HDCT. (100mg oral THC 4x/day).  Thus, before HDCT can begin in earnest, it is first necessary to ... Read Full Article
  • Quick Start Guide for HDCT Ramp-Up Tablets Your new medicine requires you to complete a ramp-up phase where the dosing is gradually increased over a period of days.  It will take 11 days for you to reach the full daily dose and a few more to completely adjust to its affects.   Please read all of the literature provided so you understand your new medicine.  Below are the ... Read Full Article