Quick Start Guide for HDCT Ramp-Up Tablets

Your new medicine requires you to complete a ramp-up phase where the dosing is gradually increased over a period of days.  It will take 11 days for you to reach the full daily dose and a few more to completely adjust to its affects.   Please read all of the literature provided so you understand your new medicine.  Below are the important bullet points.

  • Your medicine is dosed 4 times per day. It is important to not miss a dose as this would increase your chances of overuse sickness.  Use a caregiver to help with this as you may be quite spacey at first and lose track of time.  Ask for help, have a plan, follow it.
  • Your initial ramp up medicine regimen comes in two packs with 4x/day dosing.   No two days are the same until days 12, 13, and 14 at which point you will have reached the full daily dosing but not the fully saturated blood levels.  Be sure to take them in the order as packaged and at the prescribed time.  Use your plan that you made with your caregiver to be sure you don’t miss doses.
  • AVOID Alcohol use, especially during the ramp up phase.  Alcohol greatly increases the likelihood of overuse sickness.  If you are already alcohol dependent this is likely not a good drug regimen for you.
  • If you do get overuse sickness (very unlikely if you are abstaining from alcohol), skip the next scheduled dose except for the blue CBD tablet.  Resume after 12 hours and call us so we can help you and or your care giver with a plan to make you successful.  Also don’t panic, it will pass in a few hours.  Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Once you start the Ramp-up, do not stop.  You are manipulating your body so that it builds tolerance to the medicine so that you can reach the blood levels thought to be therapeutic.  If you stop taking the medicine you may have to completely start over with a new ramp-up period.
  • You will be a little “spacey” for the first few weeks.  Do not drive or operate heavy machinery in this state.  Ask for help.  Plan to sleep more than usual.  Most people take midday naps while they adjust.
  • The medicine may make you unstable on your feet especially at night and in the beginning.  Use extra care to avoid falling.  This will improve as your body adjusts.  Be patient.
  • At the end of week 1 be sure to order your next 30 days of medicine so that you do not interrupt your treatment and have to start over.
  • Remember to tell all of your care team that you are using HDCT.  If they have questions please call us so we can talk with them.  Do not expect your care team to be able to provide the best care for you with only partial information.
  • Please consider submitting your pathology report and any pre and post HDCT treatment scans with us for study.  This will help us help you and others.
  • Call us at 530-289-6337 for help from 10am to-6pm 7 days/week if you have questions.  We are here to serve you.

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