HDCT Ramp-Up 100/400

Specifically formulated and dosed tablets for patients wishing to start Rick Simpson Oil regimen without getting overuse sickness. HDCT (High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy) with 100mg daily CBD with 400mg daily THC is frequently used by patients fighting cancer but cannot be tolerated without systematically increasing doses of the cannabinoids over time. HDCT Ramp-Up is a graduated punch pack regimen of 4X/day dosing that makes reaching the high doses of cannabinoids desired by these patients a breeze. This two week regimen gets patients ready for HDCT Maintenance dosing with a 1:4 CBD:THC ratio. HDCT Maintenance tablets which ensure that patients get consistent daily dosing of CBD & THC as recommended by their physician.

14 Day Ramp-Up Tablets in Blister Pack: $609.60

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