HDCT Ramp-Up 100/400

Specifically formulated and dosed tablets for patients wishing to start Rick Simpson Oil regimen without getting overuse sickness. HDCT (High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy) with 100mg daily CBD with 400mg daily THC is frequently used by patients fighting cancer but cannot be tolerated without systematically increasing doses of the cannabinoids over time. HDCT Ramp-Up is a graduated punch pack regimen of 4X/day dosing that makes reaching the high doses of cannabinoids desired by these patients a breeze. This two week regimen gets patients ready for HDCT Maintenance dosing with a 1:4 CBD:THC ratio. HDCT Maintenance tablets which ensure that patients get consistent daily dosing of CBD & THC as recommended by their physician.

14 Day Ramp-Up Tablets in Blister Pack: $609.60

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HDCT Maintenance 100/400

HDCT Maintenance tablets are specifically formulated for cancer patients wishing to try Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) style regimen as recommended by their physician. These full extract tablets are controlled for CBD and THC content in a 1:4 CBD:THC ratio with 100mg/day CBD and 400mg/day THC. This is dosing similar to an entire gram of RSO except that it is content consistent with respect to CBD and THC. Each tablet also contains all the minor constituents of whole cannabis extract, but in a much more easily dosed form for patients wanting to use Rick Simpson Oil. This 30 day supply of 4x/day regimen contains 100mg daily CBD and 400mg daily THC along with the entourage of other minor cannabinoids found is RSO. Note: HDCT MAINTENANCE CANNOT BE TOLERATED WITHOUT FIRST COMPLETING A RAMP-UP PHASE. See: HDCT Ramp-up. This product can be delivered anywhere in California to qualified patients submitting pertinent pathology.

Tabletized 100mg CBD + 400mg THC Daily Regimen, 30 Day Supply: $1,920.00

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